The wedding day is one of the most important events in anybody's life and we do what we can to preserve that special day in our memory long after the rice has fallen to the ground. Luckily photographs have the mystical power to draw us back into the very moment they single out, and are there to help us with this very quest. An individual image can revive memories of the married couple's first kiss, it can recall the taste of the wedding cake or the happy faces of family and friends as they come together to celebrate the union of two people in love.

             As your wedding day will be full of joyous moments and stunning details, our job will be to capture and preserve these memories for you, your friends and family, and generations to come. We will make best efforts to tell the story of your wedding in a way that honours your bond with each other and reflects your unique personalities. It's truly exhilarating to discover the beauty in not only the significant moments, but also in the little things that can be easily overlooked.


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In this section we answer some common questions concerning our conditions and methods of work. In case there is a question that we haven't answered below please feel free to contact us; we will be happy to answer all your queries. 


Our prices start at 100 € per hour + cost of travel, for weddings that take place in Berlin. To get a specific quote contact us and we will adjust our fee to your needs.


At most smaller weddings a single photographer will be sufficient but do consider that having a second shooter does provide additional "insurance"  that all the crucial moments are captured. Working as a team also provides extra support during portrait sessions and in making sure everything runs smoothly and without interruption in coverage. When shooting events though it usually requires the presence of just one photographer.


We shoot with Canon and Nikon cameras and use only prime lenses. Depending on specific needs, we also hire specialised equipment.


Most of the couples we are hired by choose to create their own DIY photo booth, by which we mean a spot where the guests can be photographed with a nice background. This is a cheaper option for the couple and allows for their creative spirit to be unleashed. In this case only the lighting would be set up by us and one of us would also be responsible for taking the portraits themselves. Alternatively, if you would like, we could set up a booth from scratch, in the style of your choosing. If an automatic photo booth is what you are after, we will be happy to provide you with addresses of some of the companies that supply them for events.
No matter what your preference is, a photo booth is a great way to photograph all your friends and family and improve the fun factor in general, so you should definitely consider having one. For more details, don't hesitate to contact us.


Up to two months for wedding photos. It sounds like a long time but the necessary image adjustments on hundreds of photos take time and we want to be sure we provide you with the best possible end result. However we will do all we can to deliver the images as soon as possible. And just to make the wait a bit more bearable we will send you 3-5 photographs within 48hours of the wedding to share with your friends or family.


You will be sent an email with links for download.


Yes, we do make minor adjustments to bring out the natural beauty in the portrayed persons. However our goal is always to capture a true and honest portrait of the couples we work with.


Raw files are like raw ingredients that are used to create a wonderful meal and on their own do not give you the full taste of the final dish. They are a base on which we form our images and once they serve their purpose they are like an element that has been blended into the mix and cannot be separated. So to keep up with our standards we will provide you with the final, tasty selection of photographs that will leave you satisfied and happy and keep the raw files in our pantry.


The images you receive will be the final version of the photos and are not intended to be altered. However you can always contact us with a request to make specific adjustments to the images after they have been delivered to you.


Currently it is not part of our standard service but we will be happy to create a printed album for an additional fee or alternatively recommend websites which make the creation of your own perfect photo album a simple and fun process.


Yes. Once you receive the final digital images you will be able to make as many paper prints as you need.


On this page you will find testimonials from former couples and clients we've had the pleasure of working with in the past. We are really grateful for all the kind words.

We have booked Olga as a wedding photographer at a remote location in Brandenburg and are more than satisfied with her photos. Although she does not own a car like us, it was very easy to organize a combination of train connection and pick-up with her. The photos themselves, created a beautiful atmosphere, are very natural and of high quality. During the wedding ceremony and the congratulations we hardly noticed her and nevertheless the photos look as if one was were right there. The couple photo shoot is an unfamiliar situation for non-models, of course, in which you sometimes feel a little silly, but Olga compensated for that very well with her relaxed and cheerful manner. She gives good and concrete instructions and has a lot of ideas about what looks good on photos afterwards. We already received a small selection of the most beautiful motifs the next day and were able to show them to our guests. We didn't have to wait long for the other photos and are very happy with the editing and the mix of black and white and colour images. In comparison to photos of guests, some of whom also had very good cameras, you can clearly see the difference to a professional photographer. Motifs, focus, exposure and color just fit and all that at a fair price. Altogether we can recommend Olga as a wedding photographer to everyone and would book her again at any time. Thanks a lot! [translated from German]

We selected Olga to be our photographer for our wedding initially as she was so easy to deal with, and didn’t need a lot of explanation as to what we wanted. And on the day, we were even happier. She was flexible with coming to two locations at different times in the day, and captured exactly what we wanted - natural and relaxed images of our friends and family enjoying our wedding day. Olga was easy to work with on the day and happy to do whatever we wanted, as well as providing some great ideas - and even better was that we never felt that she was intruding on our time with our guests. She was discretely in the background, but captured everything perfectly.


It was great having Olga as our wedding photographer. She has been well prepared for the portrait photos with a lot of ideas. During the wedding she managed to capture unique emotional moments of our wedding with a collection of amazing photos.


We had a lot of fun with Olga. She's a pleasure to work with and clearly knows her stuff. She took some great spontaneous shots before, during and after the ceremony and skilfully coordinated the group photo session. For our newlyweds photo shoot, we took a stroll along the river Spree and Olga drew inspiration from the surrounding architecture and natural features, setting up a variety of different shots on the fly. She made us feel relaxed and took our input on board, so the resulting photos look very natural. We absolutely love the eclectic collection of wedding photos she produced for us.


We had a great feeling about Olga after viewing her previous work and our initial communication. She was professional, friendly and helped us figure out what we wanted for our wedding celebration. Olga made sure to capture all our favourite moments and instantly made us and our guests feel comfortable. We would not hesitate to recommend Olga for anyone else and hope to use her services again in the future!


Despite the many kilometers, that separate us from Olga (Poland-Berlin), we have decided to choose her for the role of photographer on our wedding day. We were not disappointed. In her work you can see passion and dedication. She did an excellent job capturing moments that are important to us in a very natural and realistic manner. Watching these photographs bring back many wonderful memories.


We asked Olga to be our wedding photographer because we knew and loved her style of photography already. When we saw her photographs of our wedding our expectations were even exceeded. Olga magically managed to capture the specific atmosphere and feelings of even little moments „off the scene“ in wonderful pictures. It makes us truely happy to look at them. What Olga did is telling our own (love) story in pictures and every time we „read“ it, we ourselves discover something new and newly beautiful about it. We are sure it will help us also in times of crises to look at these pictures and remind the beauty of our bond ;-) We thank Olga very much for this very special gift.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 18.21.14.png

Olga took photos at our after-wedding party and they turned out beautifully. We can't recommend her highly enough.She is lovely to have around, discreet and very good in capturing just the right moments. In fact, all of our guests also really enjoyed meeting her and getting their photos taken. I have worked with Olga and Kate before and I can say that both are very professional and great to work with.


Professionalism, incomparable atmosphere, a very pleasurable co-operation, incredible results visible on the images... are just a few phrases describing the work that Olga has done on this very important day for us both. I lack the words to express our delight. The outcome has exceeded our expectations.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 16.09.29.png

Wedding photography is a matter of trust. You want your special day to be perfectly captured by your photographer, your photos to be a perfect expression of yourself, your party and your guests. Yet all of this, naturally, is a premiere for you – the first time for you and your partner to know the eyes of your entire family, your friends and colleagues upon you, to have an event the size of a conference depend exclusively upon your personal tastes and choices, and to thus feel the need, from within and without, for adequate coverage. A big, a daunting task! From the outset, however, the moment we browsed through her webpage and sample pictures, we knew Olga was the right one for the job. In our very first e-mail to her, we said we wanted "stills and those less-than-normal perspectives" we had seen in other testimonials. For after all, "the photos would be our visual memory of the day, so it'd be nice to have even the most mundane moments covered and find the poetry therein". And this is exactly what she did. We'd even venture further and say her meticulous post-production and skillful composition have given our photos an additional, sublime quality – a quality that makes looking at them a pleasure in its own right.


It was a very lucky coincidence that we found Olga as our wedding photographer. She did an amazing job! Already at the pre-meeting, we were very happy as she was easy to talk to and very attentive to our ideas and wishes. It was wonderful to have her around at the wedding. During the official part, she captured all important moments without being "too visible", and during the couple and family shots after the ceremony, it was a lot of fun with fantastic pictures as an outcome. She is very professional, creative and stress-free. We enjoyed the experience very much and still love to look at the wedding pictures as a dear memory of our great day. Thank you Olga for everything!


Shutter & Melody captured the joyfulness of our wedding! When we look at the photos, we are transported back into individual moments - with all the emotion, colors, sounds, and vibrancy of the day! The biggest surprise was the wildly successful photo-booth, which not only resulted in stunning photos of our guests, but became an interactive and performative event.
Olga's conduct throughout all of our interactions was friendly, professional, and attentive. She made us and our guests feel comfortable.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 16.05.59.png

Olga has the most amazing approach and talent which means we have been left with beautiful reminders of our special day. She listened carefully to our ideas and requirements and the results were more than what we expected. The photographs are natural, full of character and soul. Olga is very professional, hard working and we would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 16.13.58.png

Olga and Kate were such an important part of our wedding and how we would remember it! Three months later, I still find myself going through the photos almost once a week and they still manage to make me smile — and sometimes make my eyes well up too. And I keep discovering all these new little moments they wonderfully captured. Special props to them for braving the rain and getting amazing shots of our band playing and guests dancing in pouring rain.

Coming up to the wedding, they were very helpful with brainstorming and planning of the whole event, and especially the photo booth. It was great having them both there on the day, both because they could capture important moments from more than one perspective, but also so that during the quiet times, Olga could be behind the photo booth camera, while Kate mingled and took photos of the guests.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 16.14.56.png

Thank you so much for the pictures! They are really great, we totally love them! You did a great job with the editing. We really like the tone and feel of the different shots and collages.  Seeing the pictures, we definitely were lucky that the originally planned photographer canceled. True serendipity. Thanks again for being so spontaneous, by the way!

Oh, and many of our guests told us (without being asked) that “the photographer was so nice!" Everyone had fun taking pictures with you and you left a very friendly and positive impression with everybody. It obviously was fun having you around for everyone! : )

So, once more, thank you very much for being such a nice and positive part of our wedding. And thank you for all the beautiful memories!

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 16.16.56.png

Oh my goodness! We couldn't possibly thank you enough! They are gorgeous. I am so so so happy. We have looked at them 3 times already and have had a good laugh at some of them.
Thank you from the very bottom of my little heart.
Your talent is really coming into its own.

Olga is a virtuoso of photography!!!
Her/Our :-) wedding photos are beautiful, delicate and subtle. With her talent and her approach to us and our wedding guests she has exceeded all our expectations.
We recommend (her) to every young couple, that expects a fully professional, friendly mindset and an excellent outcome in the form of extraordinary photos.

             All images on this website are copyright of individual photographers that have contributed to Shutter & Melody. Entire photos or parts of them may not be used for any purposes without prior permission of the authors and the portrayed subjects.