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              In a time not so long ago in one of my many former lives, before swing dance corrupted my soul, I actually went to see live shows. At times, during my three years with Blitzgigs, I would attend as many as two or three a week. Apart from seeing some great performances I learned a few things that I still benefit from as a photographer. Things like how to shoot in ever changing lighting conditions, how to make selections out hundreds of photos, how to communicate with promoters, booking agents, concert attendees and fellow photographers alike, and above all, the value of patience.
              I shot like a maniac and I could never get home fast enough to take a look at my "trophies"; the satisfaction was immense. It was a really cool time and many great things came out of it. I met so many wonderful people. Probably one of my best memories till this day has got to be hanging out with members of Beirut taking pictures and just having fun; that is priceless.

Philip Poisel
Marques Toliver
Laura Marling
 Pupkulies & Rebecca gig at Bi Nuu.
Austin Lucas
Tune Yards
Ben Howard
Golden Apes